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After years of hiding from the shouts of “Fatty” and “Porkchop” in the middle school locker room, Jason was determined to be a weight-loss success story. Only, Jason’s newfound control over food didn’t lead him to the picture-perfect ending he had envisioned. Following a health scare at twenty-nine, Jason turned to “clean eating” as his coping solution to the sudden loss of his parents, living in a run-down apartment, and broken family relationships.

Starving for Survival explores how healthy eating can go from well-meaning improvements to knocking on death's door. Jason illustrates the damaging physical, mental, and social effects of orthorexia for men who may have been there, or for readers who suspect someone they love is struggling. Embracing vulnerability, Jason advances the conversation regarding men’s mental health and the stigma that still exists today.

This book tells an important story -- about what it is like to live life with an eating disorder. It's even more important because it's a man's story, and that's a story we don't hear often enough. Jason also has an inspiring life story outside of his eating disorder and a great deal of insight. This book is compelling for many reasons and I hope it reaches a wide audience and helps to reduce stigma against boys/men with eating disorders.

Dr. Charlotte Markey

Sounding the siren on men's mental health.

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