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Eating Disorder Recovery & Mental Health Speaker

Focusing primarily on my lived experience, I hope my presentations spark a conversation that inspires, empowers, and changes the narrative around mental health and eating disorders. I bring a casual and vulnerable approach to a serious topic. I also love the opportunity to throw in a storm chasing story or two! Some of the specific topics I speak about include:

  • Eating Disorders: Changing The Narrative

  • Sounding The Siren on Men's Mental Health

  • Challenging Diet Culture Norms

  • Empowering Through Peer Support

  • Taming The Storm of Internalized Homophobia

Interested in scheduling a virtual or in-person event for your group?

Email or schedule a time to chat here

Jason was a keynote speaker for a workshop hosted by the Eating Disorder Coalition of Iowa. This workshop was geared toward individuals who are caregivers of someone with an eating disorder. I was blown away by his presentation and feedback from his session was glowing. Jason has a soothing yet impactful presentation style that facilitates an openness from the audience to engage with him on sensitive topics such as vulnerability and diet culture. I would highly recommend Jason for audiences both in and outside of the eating disorder field.

Sara Schwatken, Ph.D. | President of EDCI

Changing The Narrative College Tour
Reaching college students in all 50 states! 

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Where I've Been

Univ. of Northern Colorado
Univ. of Arkansas
Boston Univ.
Ohio Univ.
Rutgers Univ., Camden
Quinnipiac Univ.
Univ. of Central Missouri
Univ. of Colorado
Univ. of Maine

Cleary Univ.
Univ. of Illinois
Univ. of Wisconsin
Northern Illinois Univ.
Univ. of Northern Iowa
Penn State Univ.
Rogers State Univ.
Northern Michigan Univ.
Univ. of Rhode Island

James Madison Univ.
Univ. of Montana
Carthage College
Univ. of Houston
Mental Health America - Michigan
Eating Disorder Coalition of Iowa
Mental Health America - Pueblo
Looking Glass Foundation
IOCDF Young Adults

Sounding the siren on men's mental health.

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