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Slow It Down

We live in a fast world! Instant gratification no longer seems fast enough. But where does our need for speed leave us?

Every work email seems to be marked urgent, but then we get burned out. We binge-watch TV shows, only to feel sad when we have no new episodes left. We anticipate events in the future to the point where we overlook the experience of the present. We start healing, growth, and recovery journeys only to give up because we didn’t get results fast enough.

As you can see, our need for speed comes with a cost.

I’ve spent this summer reflecting on the past year of recovery. How did I make it this far? How did I keep going even on the bad days? What changed within to give me this ability?

The answer is patience. I’m learning to slow down and accept that most things in our lives are journeys. Heck, life itself is a journey. Why rush it?

My mind was caught in the fast lane for years. It still is at times, but I remind myself of my recovery mantra. Trust the PROCESS, embrace the PROCESS, and eventually enjoy the PROCESS. If I fail to acknowledge the process, then how can I ever really enjoy it.

Just recently, I decided to push back my book release to January 2022. This was a challenge for me. The “what ifs” came creeping in. What if people think I’m a failure for not delivering on my initial promise of August? What if something happens to me and the book never gets released? What if nobody will care by then? Even though my gut and consultant were telling me the January date made much more sense, my mind was wanting immediate action yet again.

After several weeks of going back and forth, I decided to take my time. A decision I would have never made in the past. But I want this book to be its best possible version and have time to give it the proper marketing plan it deserves.

I now realize the same thought process applies to my own journey. I want to be the best version of myself and this requires time and patience.

I’ll leave you with the following lyrics from the country song “Be A Light”, which have become somewhat of an anthem during my journey. I think about these lines every time I find my patience running short and my mind speeding off.

Cause the finish line is six feet in the ground

In a race you can't win, just slow it down


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