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  • Jason Wood

Poem: The Hiker

Do hikers ever stop to admire the process?

Or do they only remember the summit?

The rough and rocky incline

Leading to the pinnacle of their journey

Mountains are measured by height

Not by the trail blazed to the peak

Snow caps these jagged creatures

While grayness shadows below

From the top, they see the world

Pixels dot the vast landscape

But the route holds beauty too

With trees, rocks and challenges

Testing the body and mind

Without, would the top be so sweet?

Is an accomplishment an accomplishment

If there is no process?

Do climbers desire just to climax?

Even though it is not the conquest

No obstacles, only pleasure

Nothing to lose, nothing to gain

The hike examines them

The man-making march to victory

Defeating the earth step by step

Triumph by way of the journey

Climbers don’t land at the top

Determination pulls them up

Over dirt and debris

Until they are finally free


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