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  • Jason Wood

Poem: Blinded

My blind dog cannot see

Eyes drenched with milky film

Perked ears let me know he hears

While wags signal love and bliss

A wrecking ball through the home

A bump here, a bang there

Silver metal bowls his GPS

The shiny northern star

Beams fall on broken eyes

Relying on nose and ear

Guiding him to his bed

Refuge from a blank world

I wonder what it’s like

Blackness with every blink

A world with no sunrise, just night

Yet he knows love, that i’m sure

Disease stole his vision

Like it robbed me of mine

My retinas still operate

But for a time, I failed to see

Food consumed the mind

Like sunshades to the light

Life continued without me

Beyond anxiety’s tight blindfold

My smile remained, tail still wagged

Yet inside the blindness raged

Memories missed, mind devoured

By skyscraper expectations

Forced into a dark, cold cell

A prisoner by jury of one

Fed up with this disease

I barked and growled for help

Then it came, my time for release

I can see again, but he cannot

Man’s best friend still knows love

As dog’s best friend now knows light


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